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Grayson College Partners with ALERRT to Facilitate Regional Active Shooter Training

4 People seated and smiling at board room table
From left: Grayson County Sheriff, Tom Watt; ALERRT Regional Manager, Chis Earnest; Grayson College President, Dr. Jeremy McMillen; Director of TRPA and Criminal Justice at Grayson College, Mary Pyle

The Texoma Regional Police Academy (TRPA) at Grayson College has partnered with Texas State University to serve as an Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Regional Training Center for North Texas. As a regional training center, Grayson College will host multiple training courses each quarter to help promote and enhance training for all peace officers so they can better protect schools and communities from active shooter threats.

ALERRT is a nationally recognized, researched-based, active attack training program founded and headquartered at Texas State University. Grayson College will have the honor to serve as the only regional training center in North Texas.

Senate Bill 1852, passed in September 2023, now requires all peace officers in Texas to receive active shooter training as part of their 40-hour, two-year training cycle. As part of the minimum training requirements in all Basic Peace Office Courses (BPOCs), 16 hours of active shooter response training must be included.

“The partnership formed today between Grayson College, TRPA and ALERRT will help to provide the best training to officers and other emergency personnel so they can help keep our community safe,” said Mary Pyle, TRPA Director at Grayson College. “With TRPA being given the distinct title of an ALERRT regional training academy, more advanced training for police officers throughout Texas and the United States will take place on a continuing basis.”

Securing TRPA as a training academy took the efforts of many in the community including work with Grayson County Sheriff Tom Watt and Wilson and Jones Hospital CEO Julie Stumber, who both helped secure the initial instructor training sites.

“We are honored to partner with Texas State University to be an ALERRT regional training academy to help meet the needs for our region and the state of Texas,” says Dr. Jeremy McMillen, President of Grayson College. “We have a track record of delivering quality Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) training, and this will help to meet the requirements of Senate Bill 1852 even more.”

TRPA is designated as the only Regional ALERRT training facility in the North Texas area. The first training course for the TRPA was conducted in November 2023 for Cadet Class #105.

With TRPA being a designated ALERRT academy, course offerings scheduled at Grayson College will be advertised not only locally, but also nationwide by ALERRT.