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Main Organizational Chart

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Updated 10/30/2023

  • Board of Trustees
    • Grayson College President
      Dr. Jeremy McMillen
      • Office of the President Coordinator
        Karen Bollinger
      • Administrative Assistant II
        Heather Cox
      • Director of Success Initiatives
        Dr. Logan Maxwell
      • Athletic Director/Head Women's Softball Coach
        Mike McBrayer
        • Assistant Softball Coach
          Jason Miller
        • Assistant Softball Coach
          Taylor Harris
        • Athletic Trainer
          Melaney Card
        • Head Baseball Coach
          Cal Hernandez
        • Head Women's Basketball Coach
          Steve Lowe
        • Head Men's Basketball Coach
          Scott Monarch
      • Executive Director Grayson College Foundation
        Randy Truxal
        • Administrative Assistant III
          Stephanie Moore
        • Director of Development
          Paula Jonse
      • Dean of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
        • Administrative Assistant III
        • Administrative Assistant II
          Wanda Powell
        • Statistician
          Anderson Zhu
        • Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator
          Camille Phelps
        • Data and Reporting Analyst
          Kent Meek
        • Registrar
          Becki Rathfon
        • Director of Promise Program/Enrollment Management
          Tiffany Francis
        • Director of Strategic Enrollment
          Kendrick Gibson
      • Director of Human Resources
        Robyn Voight
        • Administrative Assistant III
          Chelsea Simpson
        • Human Resources Specialist
          Janet Hoover
        • Human Resources Recruiter
          Beth Cavin
        • Payroll Specialist
          Raylene Vickrey
      • Vice President for Business Services
        Carolyn Kasdorf
        • Business Services Office Coordinator
          Cheryl Hayes
        • Director of Facilities Maintenance
          Matt Corder
        • Director of Public Safety
          Jackie Thomas
        • Director of Fiscal Services
          Danny Hyatt
      • Dean of Student Affairs
        Dr. Molly Harris
        • Administrative Assistant III
          Deann Pool
        • Director of Counseling
          Barbara Malone
        • Director of Financial Aid
          Stephanie Martin
        • Director of Student Life
          Shantee Siebuhr
        • Director of Marketing and Public Information
          Anna Hicks
      • Vice President for Information Technology
        Robbie Trissell
        • Administrative Assistant III
          Alisha Crump
        • Director of Network Services
          Mike Brown
        • Director of Administrative Computing
        • Information Technology Specialist
          Jennifer Miller
      • Vice President of Instruction
        Dr. Dava Washburn
        • Instructional Office Coordinator
          Karen Johnson
        • Director of Grant Acquisitions
          Dr. Djuna Forrester 
        • Dean of Academic and Workforce Instruction
          Dr. Chase Machen
        • Dean of South Campus
          Ilene Walton
        • Dean of Health Science
          Dr. Michael Cox
        • Executive Director, Center for Workplace Learning
          Dr. Rebecca Stout
        • Executive Director of the Small Business Development Center
          Dr. Karen Stidham
        • Director of Student Support Services
          Tomyra Britt
        • Director of Teaching and Learning
          Todd Ellis
        • Director of Library Services
          Lisa Hebert
        • Director of Success Coaches
          Nancy Luthe
        • Director of Testing and Disability Services
          Mark Taylor