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What is Dual Credit or Early College High School?

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Students who want to get a head start on their college career should visit with their high school counselor or principal to learn about the options available at their high school. For most students, this early college experience comes in the form of Dual Credit or Early College High School (ECHS). Dual Credit programs offer the student credit toward their high school diploma AND college credit toward a certificate or degree. 


Here is a quick look at the difference between Dual Credit and Early College High School:


Dual Credit

Early College High School

  • Typically offers between 12 and 30 hours of college credit
  • Provides over 60 hours of college credit
  • Students usually begin taking dual credit in the 11th or 12th grade
  • Students usually begin taking dual credit in the 9th or 10th grade
  • Support services vary
  • Academic, social, and emotional support programs are required for all students (e.g., tutoring, mentoring, Saturday school, advising)


Grayson College has partnerships with area high schools to offer a variety of Dual Credit courses. Some are offered on the high school campus, while others are offered on the Main or South Campuses.

GC has a partnership with Tioga ISD that creates the first ECHS in Grayson County. This new venture started in Fall 2015.