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Be a Work Study

Paying for college can happen in many ways. While scholarships, grants, and federal financial aid are some of the most popular, it’s important not to forget the impact of a position as a GC Work Study.


Some things you may not know about the Federal Work Study Program:

  • Not all jobs are on campus. We have students in elementary schools working with staff and students providing support through things like tutoring and reading.
  • The money you make doesn’t apply to your tuition. Work Study students get a paycheck like other Grayson College employees.
  • Work Study earnings are removed from your FAFSA calculation for next year. That is, they don’t count against you as earned income! Be sure to answer the question regarding how much was earned through Work Study on your FAFSA.


So, why should you be a Grayson College Work Study?

  • Supervisors work around your class schedule
  • Get valuable work experience and build your resume
  • Earn better pay for future entry level positions
  • The convenience of working on campus
  • Connect and build relationships with faculty, staff and students


It’s important to note that being awarded Work Study doesn’t guarantee you a job. Be sure you apply for a position in the Financial Aid Office. For further information, contact