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GC Restart Program

 Don’t let debt stop you from completing what you’ve started! With our new Restart Program, we will waive up to $500 for any student with an outstanding balance from any time prior to Summer 2018 who commits to completing at least 6 hours with a C or better. 

In order to have your debt forgiven, we will temporarily release the hold on your account to allow you to enroll in classes for the current semester. The balance will remain on your student record until all conditions are met. During this conditional period, you will be allowed to enroll in classes or make schedule changes, but will still be unable to receive an official transcript.

Once this condition is met and the student has no other outstanding balances, the hold and outstanding balance will be permanently from their student account.

Students owing more than $500 can pay the additional amount down until they only owe $500 and then may utilize the program.

For more information contact the business office at or 903.463.8718.