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Grayson College Baseball Head Coach gets 500th win

Grayson College Baseball Head Coach Dusty Hart secured his 500 th win Wednesday night. The
Vikings swept Weatherford College, 10-2 after a 17-8 victory.

“It’s really exciting,” Grayson College President Dr. McMillen said. “It speaks to the quality of
the program we have here. We are very proud of him and everything he has accomplished.
Hart began his career with Grayson College as a student athlete.

“They brought the program back in 97’ and I was a freshman on the first team,” Hart said. “I was
on the first world series team. Then, I left for three years and came back as an assistant coach. I
got the head coach job in 2006. Not many people would have given a 27-year- old the keys to
arguably the most successful junior college baseball program in the country.”

Hart said he was surprised and humbled by the response he received after the game.
“I think the coolest thing is all of the guys who have reached out to me in the last 24 hours,” Hart
said. “I didn’t even realize it was that big of a deal, honestly. I even had some guys that played
here six years ago drive up today to take me to lunch. That was cool.”

Hart explained he was excited to share the win with the current sophomore class.
“We have a really great group of sophomores,” Hart said. “I think 13 of them were on the Dean’s
list and Academic All-Conference, which doesn’t happen every year. For them to be that
academic and to have the success they’ve had on the field, is great. It was really cool for me that
they were the ones that we got it done with.”

“It’s not just me in the 500 wins,” Hart said. “There has been so many good players that have
played here. Technically, we write the lineup and we make decisions but they are the ones that
have to execute. It says something about the entire program more than any one coach. We are all
in this together.”

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Photos from last night’s game