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Grayson seeks legislation to offer local RN to BSN program

During this 85th Texas legislative session, Grayson College is seeking approval to start a local RN to BSN program.

Providing a local option for nurses to obtain additional training is a more efficient way for students, healthcare agencies and patients to thrive in Texoma, and a community college offering a bachelor’s degree is not really all that new. Three other community colleges in Texas—Midland, South Texas and Brazosport—already offer limited bachelor’s programs. 

“For Grayson, the issue really is access,” said Dr. Jeremy McMillen, Grayson College President.  “At one time, four-year partners offered a local RN to BSN program on our campus, but they don’t want to do that anymore, and the need now is greater than ever.”

While the college has successfully graduated 3,974 nurses into the workforce through its fully accredited Associate Degree in Nursing program, local healthcare providers are seeking nurses with additional training.

Upon graduation, 95 percent of Grayson College nursing graduates intend to pursue their BSN; however, after 5 years, only 1 in 20 have done so through existing programs. The nearest RN to BSN program is at Texas A&M Commerce—60.1 miles away.

“When we talk to our nursing graduates, they tell us that they would prefer taking classes here,” said Jamie McKinney, Grayson’s Nursing Associate Degree Program Director. “The nearest option is too far to drive, and online programs don’t offer the same level of access to faculty that they prefer.”

For healthcare agencies to meet standards, Grayson County alone would need to add 1,000 more BSN trained nurses by 2020. Additionally, Grayson County is one of only two counties in the state without a local BSN or RN to BSN program that has over 3,000 patient beds.

“Being able to offer a local RN to BSN program would help meet workforce demands to add capacity and would complement existing partnerships that we have with other nursing programs,” said McMillen.

For additional information, please contact Amy Evans, Director of Marketing and Public information at or 903-463-8628.