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Grayson College Brings Back Basketball

On January 23, the Grayson College Board of Trustees approved the addition of both men’s and
women’s basketball in addition to other programs. “Both the men’s and women’s basketball
programs will begin playing in the fall, and excitement may be an understatement,” said GC
Athletic Director Michael McBrayer.

With the addition of the two sports also comes a new pep band and cheer squad, which will
encourage team spirit and campus pride. An athletic training program will add another pathway
for students. These additions align well with the college’s strategic plan: Connect, Commit,
Complete. “We Connect students to the right college and career pathways, Commit to building
community, and ultimately, support them in Completing their academic and career goals,” said
GC President Dr. Jeremy McMillen. “As we moved toward this new addition it was vital that we
provided the complete experience. Having the teams, band and cheer squad will bring a new
energy to the campus for the students, employees, fans and our community.”
Grayson’s athletic director explained that the most important step going forward is the hiring of
the right people. A national search for coaches is already underway, and McBrayer is clear on
what he expects. He said, “First of all we want to find an individual who embodies college
standards and will uphold our Viking Values through their own actions, their players and their
program. Second, an individual who will develop a competitive program in the first couple of
years. And, third, will provide an exciting brand of basketball that gets everybody’s attention.”
As GC leaders move toward implementation of the additional programming, McBrayer is sure to
look back as well. “This is something we have been discussing for a couple of years, and I could
not be more thankful to Dr. McMillen and the entire Board of Trustees for their support and
diligence in this process.”

For additional information, contact Michael McBrayer (903) 463-8753 or