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Evening of Excellence honors outstanding students

On the evening of Apr. 11, 200 students were recognized during the college's Evening of Excellence event held at the Life Center. 

The annual event has been recognizing students for over 10 years and serves as a way to honor their hard work through the past academic year. Students are nominated by faculty and selected by an impartial committee. The 2017 Evening of Excellence honorees are as follows:

Lauren Aleman - Culinary Arts

Brady Allen - Outstanding Psychology Student

Davis Allen - Outstanding Psychology Student

Diana Arellano - Outstanding Psychology Student

Jonas Arellano - Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Award

Susan Armstrong - Outstanding Psychology Student

Jacquelyne Arritola - Excellence in Learning Frameworks

Joel Aukes - Excellence in Welding

Kelly Baio - Excellence in Psychology

Tessa Baker - Outstanding Student

David Ballard - Outstanding Psychology Student

Miranda P. Barnett - Excellent Learning Frameworks Student

Logan Beauchamp - Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Award

Lindsey Beazley - Outstanding Psychology Student

Michael Beckman - Outstanding Psychology Student

Amanda Beitel - Excellence in Learning Frameworks

Marfesa Ann Bellows - Excellence in Teacher Education

Holly Bettes - Excellence in Psychology

Melissa Blevins - Excellent Progress

Zephen Blount - Excellence in Psychology

Madison Bolin - Outstanding Psychology Student

Gabriella Briehan - Outstanding Psychology Student

Amanda Brown - Outstanding Psychology Student

Grace Brown - Excellence in Music: Choir

Hannah Brown - Outstanding Psychology Student

Jackie Brown - Excellent Progress

Lacy Brown - Academic Excellence

Danielle Bubenik - Excellence in Psychology

Mackenzie Buckner - Outstanding Psychology Student

Christina Bullock - Hospitality Management

Kristy Burden - Outstanding Psychology Student

Jordan Button - Spanish Award of Excellence for Determination

Jaron Case - Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student

Savannah Chacon - Culinary Arts

Yesenia Chavez - Outstanding Child Development Student

Hyesuk Choi - Academic Excellence

Kisha Christman - Excellence in Child Development

Alexandria Cockrill - Excellence in Psychology

Randi Cole - Outstanding Psychology Student

Nathan Coleman - Outstanding Peer Tutor

Keri Colwell - 2016-17 Paramedic Honors

Kenneth Cormier - 2016-17 Paramedic Honors

Kenneth Cormier - Outstanding Paramedic

Brittani Cunliffe - Excellence in Education

Bethany Davidson - Outstanding Psychology Student

Amber Davis - Academic Excellence

Amber Davis - Excellence in Radiographic Skills

Nena Davis - Excellence in Psychology

Jessica Dean - Excellence in Learning Frameworks

Ashley Deleon - Outstanding Service to the Grayson Honors College

Savannah Dennis - Excellence in Psychology

Grant Devore - Outstanding Business Student

Jessalyn Diehl - Award of Excellence in Presentational Speaking in Spanish

Sarah Dilling - Service Award-President, Student Government Association

Sarah Dilling - Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Award

Ellen Dryden - Outstanding Psychology Student

Tanner Duncan - Outstanding Psychology Student

Stasia Dunlap - Outstanding Psychology Student

Kyler Durham - Outstanding Psychology Student

Kristen Dyer - Outstanding History Student

Amber Engelke - Outstanding Psychology Student

Elizabeth Essary - Academic Excellence

Emily Estes - Award of Excellence in Spanish

Emily Estes - Outstanding Psychology Student

Christopher Evans - Outstanding Freshman in Music

Jaci Leigh Fernandez - Excellence in Teacher Education

Adam Fite - Outstanding Psychology Student

Alisa Fitzgerald - Academic Excellence

Trenton Flanagan - Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student

Daniel Flores - Excellent Progress

Rebecca Foster - Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Award

Cindel Freeman - Academic Excellence

Cindel Freeman - Excellence in Lab Skills

Jamonte Futrell - Outstanding Psychology Student

Itzamara Joana Garcia - Outstanding Learning Frameworks Student

Jami Garcia - Academic Excellence

Kaleb George - Outstanding Business Communication Student

Paityn Glaze - Top Communication Student

Cristal Gonzalez - Academic Excellence

Alexis Rose Goodman - Outstanding Learning Frameworks Student

Shelby Gray - Outstanding Psychology Student

Mackenzie Jade Green - Outstanding Learning Frameworks Student

Micheal Green - Excellent Progress

Kaitlyn Griggs - Outstanding Psychology Student

Payton Guymon - Excellence in Radiographic Skills

Latoya Hart - Excellence in Psychology

Latoya Hart - Phi Theta Kappa Outstanding Member Award

Riley Harvey - Outstanding Psychology Student

Beverly Harwell - Excellence in Child Development

James Henson - Excellence in Psychology

Sam Hester - Culinary Arts

Noel Hickman - Outstanding Psychology Student

Victoria Hindsley - Excellence in Psychology

Melissa Hively - Award of Excellence in Spanish

Bobbi Holliday - Outstanding Psychology Student

Jacob Hope - Outstanding Psychology Student

Hannah Howland - Academic Excellence

Hannah Howland - Excellence in Chairside Assisting

Wesley Dewayne Hutchinson - Outstanding Child Growth & Development Student

Sabrina Inman - Outstanding Service to the Grayson Honors College

Evelin Interiano - Academic Excellence

Okunbor Alfred Iyamu - Outstanding Psychology Student

Natalie Jackson - Academic Excellence

Blaine (Rusty) Jones - Outstanding Computer Science Student

Katie Jordan - Excellence in Learning Frameworks

Megan Kelley - Outstanding Psychology Student

Brian Kennedy - Award of Excellence in Spanish

Brian Kennedy - Award of Excellence in Spanish, attends class prepared to use the language

Niccole King - Excellence in Psychology

Desiree Langley - Academic Excellence

Caleb Lankford - Outstanding Accounting Student--AS

Victoria Lherault - Outstanding Psychology Student

Marla Liggett - Persistence and Excellence in the Life Sciences

Shelby Lindsey - Outstanding Psychology Student

Hannah Love - Excellence in Psychology

Irene Lujan - Excellent Progress

Deborah Mangum - Excellence in Child Development

Megan Marks - Academic Excellence

Debra Martinez - Outstanding Peer Tutor

Sandra Martinez - Outstanding Business Communication Student

Rita Martinez Quiroz - Excellence in Lab Skills

Dymond Nycole Mayhew - Outstanding Learning Frameworks Student

Mitzi Mccabe - Outstanding Psychology Student

Chaverria Mccade - Outstanding Psychology Student

William Mcdonough - Outstanding Life Science Student

William Mcdonough - Outstanding Peer Tutor

Cole Mentzel - Outstanding Psychology Student

Mallory Milks - Excellent Progress

Vance Mistrot - Radiologic Technology

Steven Moore - Academic Excellence

Laci Moreland - Academic Excellence

Laci Moreland - Top Dental Assistant

Amanda Leeann Morris - Outstanding Child Development Student

Abby Mort - Outstanding Business Communication Student

Georgia Mulkey - Outstanding Sophomore in Music

Breeanna Murphy - Excellence in Education

Breeanna Kay Murphy - Outstanding Learning Frameworks Student

Dallas Murray - Phi Theta Kappa Outstanding Member Award

Shelby Tara Neal - Outstanding Learning Frameworks Student

Grey Nehring - Top Business Communication Student

Taylor Van Norman - Outstanding Psychology Student

Skyler O'brien - Outstanding Psychology Student

Ransford Obeng - Outstanding Psychology Student

Prashant Oli - Outstanding Learning Frameworks Student

Allee Page - Outstanding Psychology Student

Jose Pena - Outstanding Peer Tutor

Jose Pena - Outstanding Peer Tutor

Ray-Lee Pierce - Outstanding Accounting Student--AAS

Gabriel Pletan - Excellent Progress

Zachary Pletan - Award of Excellence in Written Expression in Spanish

Patrick Porter - Excellence in Education

Patrick Porter - Young Professional Award

Sade Powell - Outstanding Psychology Student

Kristina Raines - Excellent Progress

Jamee Rhoades - Excellence in Psychology

Madison Richmond - Outstanding Psychology Student

Lori Ann Ritchie - Outstanding Teacher Education Student

Billy Robinson - Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Leadership Award

Moncerrath Robledo - Excellence in Psychology

Colin Rockins - Outstanding Communication Student

Rebeca Rodriguez Wallace - Outstanding Child Development Student

Megan Rosewell - Outstanding Psychology Student

Brittany Ross - Outstanding Psychology Student

Mikayla Ross - Outstanding Psychology Student

Tabitha Renea Rushing - Outstanding Child Growth & Development Student

Lucy Marie Salazar Garcia - Excellence in Teacher Education

Isaac Scheimeir - Outstanding Psychology Student

Misty Schultz - Excellence in Psychology

Anna Sciortino - Excellence in Education

Stephanie Shearer - Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Award

Kelli Souther - Outstanding Psychology Student

Chelsie Sutherland - Outstanding Psychology Student

Yunince Talamantes - Outstanding Child Development Student

Ian Talcott - Outstanding Learning Frameworks Student

John D. Thompson - Outstanding Learning Frameworks Student

Kevin Thompson - Outstanding Psychology Student

Anne Torres - Excellence in Psychology

Bonnie Toten - Spanish Award of Excellence for Determination

Jimmy Trivette - Outstanding Learning Frameworks Student

Sherry Tucker - Hospitality Management

Vanessa Turci - Excellence in Psychology

Crystal Turnage - Excellence in Welding

Wayne Turner - Most Improved Psychology Student 

Kayla Van Zandt - Excellence in Child Development & Education

Jesus Vasquez - Excellent Progress

Brandy Wade - Excellence in Education

Victoria Wall - Excellence in Psychology

Rebeca Wallace - Excellence in Child Development

Jocelyn Ward - Outstanding Psychology Student

Dustan Watkins - Outstanding General Chemistry Student

Sandra V. Wheeler - Excellence in Child Development

Charles White - Service Award-Vice President, Student Government Association

Shalene White - Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Award

Savannah Whitworth - Excellence in Psychology

Shane Dale Whitworth - Excellence in Teacher Education

Rebecca Wiggins - Outstanding Psychology Student

Taylor Wilcox - Outstanding Psychology Student

Kelly Wills - Outstanding Learning Frameworks Student

Shaylee Woolsey - Outstanding Psychology Student

Farideh Zare - Academic Excellence