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ACT Assessment

Grayson College does not require the ACT for admission to the college.  However, the GC Testing Center administers the ACT on all national test dates as a service to the community.

For information about ACT test dates, registration, scores and other helpful information, visit

There are two test options available:

  1. ACT – made up of multiple-choice tests in English, mathematics, reading, and science
  2. ACT Plus Writing – includes the multiple-choice tests plus an optional 40-minute Writing Test and has a higher fee

Taking the Writing Test does not affect your subject area scores or your Composite score.  To take the Writing Test, you must also take the multiple-choice tests in the same session.

You should decide whether to take the Writing Test based on the requirements of the institutions to which you are applying.  Check directly with the institutions you are considering to find out their requirements, or ask your high school counselor which test option you should take.

Helpful Hints

Before the test date:

Prepare for the test.  Go to; click on Test Prep.

Read both sides of your Admission Ticket as soon as it arrives.  Make sure your test option and test date are correct.  Pay attention to the reporting location of the test center to which you are assigned.

Make sure you have acceptable photo ID.

On test day:

Only examinees and testing staff are allowed at the test center.  Waiting areas are not provided.

Report to your assigned test center by the time listed on your admission ticket.  You will not be admitted if you are late.  ACT students report to the Grayson College Center for Workplace Learning (CWL) for assignment to their testing rooms.  Directions:  Come to Main Campus on Hwy. 691.  Use entrance to the west of the Auditorium/Fine Arts Building.  First building on the right is the Center for Workplace Learning.  Look for ACT signs.

Bring the following items:

  1. REQUIRED -- Printed Admission ticket from ACT
  2. REQUIRED -- Photo identification -- Acceptable forms of ID are listed on your admission ticket and at  Acceptable identification must be presented at check-in or you will not be admitted to test.
  3. Sharpened soft-lead (No. 2) pencils with good erasers
  4. A watch to pace yourself. 
  5. Calculator (Optional) – You may use any four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator, unless it has features described on the Prohibited List. To be certain your calculator will be permitted, visit

Do not bring:

  1. Any electronic device other than permitted calculators (examples include cell phone, I-Pod, PDA, camera)
  2. Books, dictionaries, notes, scratch paper, or other aids
  3. Highlighters, colored pencils or pens, correction fluid
  4. Reading material
  5. Tobacco in any form

After the test date:

  • Score reports are normally mailed about 3-8 weeks after the test date. 
  • Early scores by web – As soon as your scores are available, you may view them at

Testing for Students with Disabilities

If you currently receive accommodations in school due to a professionally diagnosed and documented disability, go to; click on Students with Disabilities.

Standby Testing

If you missed the late deadline to register for a test, or to request a test date or test center change, you may choose to request and pay for standby testing.  Go to; click on Registration; click on Standby Testing

Weather Announcements

If a winter storm is predicted, check the Grayson College website for campus closures and/or listen to your local radio or television station for announcements concerning the status of the GC Test Center.  ACT will post rescheduling information at