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How many points do I need to have to get accepted into the program?

Every year the number of points needed for admission varies, depending on the number of applicants, and the average number of points they have earned. In recent years, the minimum number of points needed to be considered for acceptance in the program has ranged between 24 – 26 points. This number may increase or decrease this year.

How do I complete the Criminal History Background check?

Once you have been selected for admission, or placed on the waiting list, the ADN department will notify the Texas Board of Nursing, You may receive an e-mail from a company called Indentigo with the instructions for how to obtain your fingerprints for the criminal history background check.

When will I be notified regarding selection to the nursing program?

Notification of selection to the nursing program is done by e-mail to you vikings email account. It is critical to provide an accurate e-mail address on the application and keep the nursing department aware of any changes. Decisions for Fall admission are typically in mid to late May and Spring admission in Mid to late October. 

I took some of my pre-requisite and co-requisite courses at another college with a different course numbering system. Will you accept those courses?

After you have been accepted in the college, you can make an appointment to meet with your success coach who can review your transcript to determine which courses are equivalent to the courses we require at Grayson College.

How are Science course points determined?

The Anatomy and Physiology courses and Microbiology course may be either a 4 hour combined theory and lab course or separate 3 hour theory and 1 hour lab courses. Points for a four hour combined lecture / lab science class are awarded as follows: if you make an A in the four hour class, you will be awarded 6 points for the class; if you make a B, you are awarded 4 points, and if you make a C, you are awarded 2 points. Total maximum points for science courses = 18. 

Students who take separate 3 hour theory and 1 hour lab courses will receive equivalent points, based on the separate course grades. Points for separate lab/theory courses are awarded as follows: if you make an A in the three hour lecture, you will be awarded three points. If you make an A in the one hour lab, you will be awarded 3 points. If you make a B in the three hour lecture, you will be awarded two points and if you make a B in the one hour lab, you will be awarded two points. Likewise, if you make a C in the three hour lecture, you will be awarded one point and if you make a C in the one hour lecture, you will be awarded one point. Total maximum points for science courses = 18. Points are deducted for multiple attempts at courses. More than three attempts will not be awarded any points. 

How is residency status decided?

The ADN program uses the definition for service area residency described in the online College Policy & Procedure manual. A resident is a student who resides in the Grayson College Service Area and who has been a resident of Texas for the twelve months preceding the date of registration.

Do I have to take all the pre-requisite and co-requisite courses before being admitted to the program?

No. You are only required to complete the prerequisite courses. However, because admission is competitive, the more co-requisite courses you have completed, the more admission points you will receive.

I am still in progress with some courses after the application deadline. Can I get points for those courses?

Points will on be awarded for courses completed before the application deadline.


Can I take the Admission test somewhere besides Grayson College?

Yes. You may take the HESI Admission test at another college or testing facility. Make sure you take all the sections of the test required by Grayson College, and submit the results by the deadline, along with all your other application information. Starting in Fall 2025, the admission test will change to NLN-NEX. It can only be taken at Grayson College or online via a protocol process. 

I already took a different admission test for another school. Will you accept those test scores instead of the Evolve Admission test scores?

No. At the present time we only accept scores for the Evolve Admission test. The applicant is allowed two attempts in a 12-month period and must have been taken within the last 5 years..

Once I am enrolled in the nursing courses, how many days a week will I be in class?

You should plan to be in class or clinical approximately four days a week once you actually start the nursing program courses. There is approximately 5 hours of lecture content, 1-3 hours of lab class, and 12-15 hours of clinical per week. These vary from semester to semester, but you will most likely be in class or clinical four days a week throughout the four semesters.

Are there services available to assist students with various needs based on race, creed, gender, national origin, or disability?

Professionally trained counselors are available to all students and are prepared to assist students in achieving success. A wide variety of counseling and support services are available. For example, a Foreign and ESOL Student Advisor is available to assist international students with a wide variety of needs. Members of the Choctaw Nation should contact a Choctaw Nation representative available on campus to assist with learning about opportunities available.