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Student Services Organizational Structure

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Updated 1204/2023

  • Dean of Student Affairs
    Dr. Molly Harris
    • Administrative Assistant III
      Deann Pool
    • Director of Student Life
      Shantee Siebuhr
      • Administrative Assistant II
        Melissa Carlisle
    • Housing Coordinator
      McKayla Patton
      • Resident Experience Specialist
        Ashley Oakfield
    • Director of Counseling
      Barbara Malone 
      • Administrative Assistant II
        Billie Dawson
      • Grayson Cares Coordinator/Licensed Professional Counselor - Associate
        Corey Leird
    • Director of Financial Aid
      Stephanie Martin
      • Assistant Director
        Linda Krueger
      • Administrative Assistant II
        Kimberly Wilkins
      • Financial Aid Specialist
        Alisha Danner
      • Veterans Benefits Specialist
        Johnathon Siebuhr
      • Financial Aid and Veterans Outreach Specialist
        Bailey Foy
      • Advisor III
        Sara Kelly
      • Advisor III
        Amy Navarro
      • Advisor II
      • Advisor II
        Belinda McCloud
      • Advisor II
        Minerva Knabe
    • Director of Marketing and Public Information
      Anna Hicks
      • Marketing Associate
        Brian Winkler
      • Web Design Coordinator
        Joseph Lyszczarz
      • Marketing Coordinator
        Haleigh Solano
      • Sports Social Media and Information Specialist
        Michael Acosta
      • Multimedia Specialist
        James Smarr