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Instructional Services Organizational Structure

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Updated 02/21/2024

  • Vice President of Instruction
    Dr. Dava Washburn
    • Instructional Services Data Coordinator
    • Instructional Office Coordinator
      Karen Johnson
    • Director of Academic and CTE Dual Credit
      Valerie Ray
    • Director of Grant Acquisitions
      Djuna Forrester
    • Director of Adult Education and Literacy
      Ashley Trevino
    • Executive Director of the Small Business Development Center
      Dr. Karen Stidham
      • Administrative Assistant II
        Cindy Tate
      • Advisor
    • Dean of Academic and Workforce Instruction
      Dr. Chase Machen
      • Academic and Workforce Office Coordinator
        Donna Guffey
      • Administrative Assistant III
        Cynthia Haynes
      • Associate Dean of Academic and Workforce Instruction
        Dr. Michael Ayers
      • Associate Dean of Academic and Workforce Instruction
        Dr. Karen Campbell
      • Industrial Technologies Chair
        Alan McAdams
      • Business and Entrepreneurship Chair
        Dr. Wade Graves
      • Public Services Chair
        Dr. Dana Clark
      • Arts and Humanities Chair
        Dr. Richard Davis
      • Biological and Physical Science Chair
        Dr. Patrice Parsons
      • Mathematics and Engineering Chair
        Dr. Billye Cheek
    • Director of Success Coaches
      Nancy Luthe
      • Administrative Assistant II
        Emily Jech
      • Assistant Director of Success Coaches
        Lewanda Diaz
      • Success Coach
        Alivia Martin
      • Success Coach
        Keilah Marcom
      • Success Coach
        Rachel Langford
      • Success Coach
        Jayce Randolph
      • Success Coach
        Katherine MacKenzie
      • Success Coach
        Cathleen Rangel
      • Success Coach
        Brandy Wooden
      • Career Services Specialist
        Edwin Clark
      • Career and Pathways Coach
        Melessa Bryant
    • Director of Teaching and Learning
      Todd Ellis
      • Instructional Designer
        Regan White
    • Director of Library Services
      Lisa Hebert
      • Administrative Assistant II
        Michelle Mitchell
      • Librarian
        Alvin Bailey
      • Librarian
        Rose Lerma
      • Librarian
        Dianne Smith
    • Director of Testing and Disability Services
      Mark Taylor
      • Tutoring and Accessibility Services Coordinator
        Jeffri Johnson Hodge
    • Director of Student Support Services
      Tomyra Britt
      • Administrative Assistant II
        Averial Stovall
      • Advisor
        Kinzie Randolph
      • Advisor
        Corwin Ransom
    • Dean of Health Science
      Dr. Michael Cox
      • Administrative Assistant II
        Jennifer Hill
      • Administrative Assistant III
        Leigh Wikizer
      • Health Science Simulation Tech
        Jennifer Young
      • Health Science Admissions Specialist
        Chantal Zalewski
      • Skills Lab Coordinator
        Lorinda Wall
      • Associate Dean of Health Science/Director of Nursing
        Jamie Coley
      • Medical Laboratory Technology Director
        Aimee Flynn
      • Emergency Medical Services Director
        Emily Johnson
      • Dental Assisting Director
        Tonya Hance
      • Radiology Director
        Shelby Rankin
      • Surgical Technology Director
        Carol Lavender
    • Dean of South Campus
      Ilene Walton
      • South Campus Office Coordinator
        Tammi Ross
      • Administrative Assistant
        Josh Lambright
      • Academic Success Center Coordinator
        Marina Khalaf
    • Executive Director, Center for Workplace Learning
      Dr. Rebecca Stout
      • Administrative Assistant III
        D'Anna Lodge
      • Administrative Assistant II
        Dawn Vermillion
      • Director of Workforce Training and Community Learning
        Lori Dunn
      • Records Specialist II
        Jessalyn Diehl
      • Contract Training Coordinator
        Kelly Harris
      •  Contract Training Coordinator
        Tayler Rice
      • Contract Training Coordinator
        Jenny Nix