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About Surgical Technology

General Information

The Grayson College Associate Degree surgical technology program accepts approximately 24 (Subject to change at the discretion of the Grayson College Surgical Technology Department.) students each fall semester. The Grayson College Surgical Technology Department reserves the right to make changes in program enrollment capacity.

The Grayson College Associate Degree Surgical Technology program is a 3 semester program. Surgical Technology courses are separated into three semesters, two 16 weeks and one 10 week semester. Students will begin attending clinical the second 8 weeks during the fall, unless otherwise indicated by the Grayson College Surgical Technology Department. Students can choose to take speech and art during program however be advised the courses in program are time consuming with a large amount of homework. Do not overload yourself, we want you to be successful.

Accepted students should plan to be in class or clinical approximately three days a week for the entirety of the program. There are approximately 8 hours of lecture content and lab class per day with 12-18 hours of clinical per week. These vary from semester to semester, but students will most likely be in class or clinical three days a week throughout the three semesters.

Services are available to assist students with various needs. Professionally trained counselors are available to all students and are prepared to assist students in achieving success. A wide variety of counseling and support services are available. For example, a Foreign and ESOL Student Advisor is available to assist international students with a wide variety of needs.

Professional Standards

General Standards

  • Must not have been convicted of a felony without restoration of his/her civil rights
  • Must be free from contagious diseases and/or chemical dependence
  • Care and Empathy – Sometimes lost when stressful situations occur
  • Organization Skills – Logical and methodical organization of instruments and supplies
  • Ability to concentrate – Surgery requires constant, focused attention
  • Problem-solving skills – Unexpected situations require technical expertise, people skills and environmental adjustments

Motor Function

  • Manual Dexterity – Passing instruments and assembling equipment
  • Must be able to help several people at one time
  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 25 lbs.

Visual Ability

  • Must be able to visually observe your surroundings, with or without accommodations


  • Must be able to communicate with the OR team in a profession manner
  • Must address their peers and patients with their proper surnames. Use Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc., when communicating with them unless otherwise directed by the client.