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Future Students

Interested in an Associates of Science (AS) degree in Agriculture?

A degree in Agriculture is ideal for students interested in applying science to real world problems

The AS in Agricultural Sciences degree is designed for students interested in transferring to a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Agricultural Science degree program. For an example of such a program, visit the Agricultural Sciences (BS) page at Texas A&M University-Commerce which has a transfer agreement with Grayson College. A student completing the Agricultural Sciences AS degree at Grayson College can transfer into a BS program with their Freshman and Sophomore years completed.

Specific Agricultural Science courses can transfer into more specialized degree programs such as Animal Science or Horticulture with guidance from the Grayson College faculty mentor for Agriculture, Professor Ellen Melson.

Contact Professor Melson at

Currently offered Agricultural Science courses

  • AGRI 1319 Introductory Animal Science
  • AGRI 1119 Introductory Animal Science Lab
  • AGRI 1315 Horticulture
  • AGRI 1115 Horticulture Lab
  • AGRI 1329 Principles of Food Science
  • AGRI 1309 Computers in Agriculture
  • AGRI 2317 Introduction to Agricultural Economics
  • AGRI 2321 Livestock Evaluation
  • AGRI 2330 Wildlife Conservation and Management

Interested in our Agricultural Science dual credit courses?

  • Discuss your interest and course options with your school counselor
  • Go to Dual Credit and submit an application and the appropriate paperwork
  • Contact Professor Melson with specific questions at

Current dual credit courses offered online or in hybrid format:

  • AGRI 1319 Introductory Animal Science (Lecture and Lab)
  • AGRI 2317 Introduction to Agricultural Economics