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Current Students

Planning Your Pathway

Professor Ellen Melson is the mentor for all students in the Agricultural Sciences program. There is considerable diversity in Agricultural transfer pathways and planning your course work to meet your transfer goals is very important for your success. Plan to meet with Professor Melson within your first semester in the Agricultural Sciences program or as soon as possible. She will look over your goals with you and help you plan the most direct pathway to achieve those goals and transfer to a University with your desired degree pathway.

Contact her at

Suggested course schedule to complete your AS in Agricultural Sciences

Note that this is a general degree plan for transfer into a broad-field Agricultural Sciences program and is not tailored to a specific degree such as Animal Science

Ag Science Courses that meet Core Curriculum requirements

Life and Physical Science

  • AGRI 1319 Introductory Animal Science (Lecture and Lab)
  • AGRI 1315 Horticulture (Lecture and Lab)

Social and Behavioral Science

  • AGRI 2317 Introduction to Agricultural Economics