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Program Requirements

  • Health Sciences Application - Please submit a copy of your application via E-mail to flynna[at]grayson [dot] edu
  • Priority consideration will be given to applicants who submit applications by March 1st for Fall Semester and November 1st for Spring Semester. 
  • TSI Assessment Scores - Send a copy of scores (or GC transcript with scores) to the MLT Program Director
  • Physical examination form - Submit after acceptance into the MLT Program and before classes start
  • Transfer Credit Consideration - Component Areas
  • Liability Insurance - Paid at time of registration
  • Mandatory random urine drug screening and criminal background check –Required prior to clinical
  • Required Immunizations

Selection Process

Students wishing to enter the MLT program may begin taking basic courses during any semester. The curriculum is designed for academic courses to be started during the first summer session of the two year period. The entry date for the MLT program is generally the Fall Semester of each year, but arrangements can sometimes be made for a spring entry also. An alternative curriculum sequence may be arranged for students having completed academic requirements other than MLAB courses.

For fall entry, applications should be submitted to the MLT Program Director by March 1 for early acceptance and by start of classes for late acceptance. For spring entry, applications should be submitted by November 1 for early acceptance and by start of classes for late acceptance. Applications will be taken until the class is filled. Class size is limited by availability of clinical sites.

Transcripts (college) and TSI assessment test scores should be included with the application.

Occupational Outlook

Is a career in MLT right for you?  View an up-to-date report on the job outlook for professionals in the MLT field and for more information on what you can expect in the workplace after graduation.