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Housing Application and Cost

To reside in campus housing:

  1. Complete the Application and submit your deposit/fee to the GC Housing Office. 
  2. Residents must be 18 years of age upon check-in.
  3. An applicant with a pending charge or a conviction for a felony, Class A misdemeanor, Class B misdemeanor, and or Class C misdemeanor may have his or her housing application denied.
  4. Residents will not be permitted to move into the residence hall until either the total room/board cost or the payment due at check in has been paid.
  5. The cost of a mandatory meal plan is not included in the housing cost.
  6. Residents will be expected to comply with and abide by the terms and conditions of the following:
  7. Residents must enroll in a minimum of 12 semester hours during each fall/spring semester. The residence hall is closed during the winter break. The halls are also closed during the summer months.

Service Animal and Assistance Information:

  1. How do I know how my animal is classified?
  2. Texas human resource code
  3. Housing accommodation form
  4. Service and assistance animal procedures
  5. Service animals in training
  6. Service animals in training form

Recommended and Prohibited Items


  • Refundable One-Time Deposit: $100
  • Non-refundable One-Time Application Fee: $100

Viking Hall Cost (for student athletes only)

All residents must enroll in a meal plan. Costs per semester:

  • $800 - Double
  • $600 - Triple
  • Required Meal Plan: $2,339 + tax

Jones Hall Cost:

Costs per semester:

  • $1,750 - Single
  • $1,450 - Double
  • $1,150 - Quad
  • Required Meal Plan: $2,339 + tax

Meal Payment Plan Option:

19 Meal Plan: $2,339 + $146 in taxes per semester if paid in full.

  • 1st Payment due upon check-in: $1,169.50 + $73 tax, and a $15 processing fee for a total of $1,257.50
  • 2nd Payment due 6 weeks into semester: $584.75 + $36.50 tax, and a $15 processing fee for a total of $636.25 
  • 3rd Payment due 10 weeks into semester: $584.75 + $36.50 tax, and a $15 processing fee for a total of $636.25