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FAQ's about Residential Living

When do I need to apply? We recommend early spring.                

Will my financial aid pay for housing? If you receive a Pell Grant, it will pay for housing, if all other charges have been paid (tuition, fees, books). If you applied for a loan and you have received an award letter, then you may charge your housing cost upon checking into the residence hall.                

If, I live on-campus, am I required to purchase the meal plan? Yes

What does the Meal Plan Include? 19 meals per week. 3 meals per day Monday through Friday, 2 meals on Saturday and Sunday.               

When is the Rent and Meal Plan due? Rent and Meal Plan must be paid upon check-in.

How much is the non-refundable housing deposit? $100

How much is the Residence Hall application? A one-time fee of $100.

Do you offer family housing? No

When do I receive my refund on my deposit?  You must request a refund for the deposit. The deposit must stay intact until the resident checks out of housing.                

Can I be a roommate with the person I have requested? Only if the person has submitted their application, fees, and has been notified that they have a bed for the upcoming semester. If you are a student athlete, your coach must also approve your preference.               

When will I know if I have a room? The number of beds that will be available for the fall semester will be assigned in mid June.  We will notify you, if you do not receive a bed.                              

What furniture is in the rooms? All rooms include beds, desk/ chair, dressers and closet space.