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How many points do I need to have to get accepted into the program?

Every year the number of points needed for admission varies, depending on the number of applicants, and the average number of points they have earned.  Detailed information on the points system is available in the LVN information packet.

When will I be notified regarding selection to the nursing program?

Notification of selection to the nursing program is done by e-mail. E-mails will be sent around June 1st of each year. It is critical to provide an accurate e-mail address on the application and keep the nursing department aware of any changes.

What are the required prerequisites for the LVN program?

To be considered for acceptance into the LVN program you must have completed either BIOL2404 ‘Survey of Anatomy & Physiology’ OR a combination of ‘Anatomy & Physiology I & II’ with grades of ‘C’ or higher within the last 5 years.

I took some of my pre-requisite courses at another college with a different course numbering system. Will you accept those courses?

After you have enrolled in the college, you can make an appointment to meet with an academic counselor who can review your transcript to determine which courses are equivalent to the courses we require at Grayson College.

Can I take required prerequisite courses during the summer semester before the program begins?

Yes.  If you plan to take your prerequisite class during the summer semester you will need to inform the LVN program that you are enrolled in the course and will have it finished before classes begin in August.  Once your course is completed, you will need to turn in an updated transcript with your final grade before the first day of the LVN program.  Please keep in mind that applicants with prerequisities completed before the application deadline (the first Friday in May) will be considered for acceptance first.

Can I take the HESI Admission test somewhere besides Grayson College?

Yes. You may take the HESI test at another college or testing facility. Make sure you take all four of the sections of the test required by the LVN program (Math, Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary) and submit the results by the deadline along with all your other application information.

I already took a different admission test for another school. Will you accept those test scores instead of the HESI test scores?

No. At the present time we only accept scores for the HESI test. The applicant is allowed two attempts in a 12-month period and must have been taken within the last 5 years.

How do I complete the Criminal History Background check?

Once you have submitted your application, the LVN department will notify the Texas Board of Nursing. The BON will then notify the LVN program when your name has been entered into their system. At this time, the Grayson LVN department will send you an e-mail with the instructions for how to obtain your fingerprints for the criminal history background check.  If you are accepted into the program, the background check process and submission of your blue card or letter of clearance must be completed by orientation day or your accepted status will be revoked.

Once I am enrolled in the nursing courses, how many days a week will I be in class and when?

LVN program classes are held Monday-Friday, typically between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm depending on the semester course load.  Once clinical training begins, students can expect to be at their assigned clinical sites twice a week.

How is residency status decided?

The LVN program uses the definition for service area residency described in the online College Policy & Procedure manual. A resident is a student who resides in the Grayson College Service Area and who has been a resident of Texas for the twelve months preceding the date of registration.

Are there services available to assist students with various needs based on race, creed, gender, national origin, or disability?

Professionally trained counselors are available to all students and are prepared to assist students in achieving success. A wide variety of counseling and support services are available. For example, a Foreign and ESOL Student Advisor is available to assist international students with a wide variety of needs. Members of the Choctaw Nation should contact a Choctaw Nation representative available on campus to assist with learning about opportunities available.

Have additional questions about the LVN program?  Please email