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Future Students

Admission Information/Requirements

Admission to the Dental Assisting program is selective, with registration in the Dental Assisting courses by permission only. To be considered for acceptance into the program, applicants must submit all required application information posted in the Dental Assisting Information Packet. Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to the Dental Assisting program. Minimum admission requirements include the following:


1. Application to Grayson College.

 (the college requires; Passed THEA or COMPASS or TSI waived High School transcript or GED scores,       and required immunizations for admittance)

2. Admitted Status with Grayson College

3. Application to the Dental Assisting Program 

4. Transcript for colleges or universities with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher preferred

5. English 1301 and Psych 2301 completed or in progress before the start of program.

For additional information please complete intake form: 

Intake form

Prerequisites for the Dental Assisting Program

ENGL 1301-English Comp. & Rhet. I

PSYC 2301-1-General Psychology



The Dental Assisting Program accepts one class each fall.

The dental application deadline is August 8th, 2022 and orientation is on August 11th, 2022.

Twenty-four applicants are accepted each year and applications may be accepted until the class is filled.


Selection and Acceptance Procedure


  1. Submitted applications are reviewed for required documentation by the Health Science Admissions & Advising Specialist.
  2. Applicants with incomplete files will be notified by the Health Science Admissions & Advising Specialist of any missing documentation.
  3. The number of students that can be admitted to the Dental Assisting program is limited by classroom and clinical space and by qualified faculty availability. Therefore, a selection procedure is used to identify candidates who are the most academically prepared.
  4. The acceptance committee meets in June prior to the fall semester to review and rank the applications highest to lowest. The committee ranks the students based on the applicants that are the most academically prepared.  If more than one applicant are evenly prepared the applicant that submitted their application first will be ranked higher.
  5. Once all eligible applicants have been evaluated and ranked, students will be admitted from the highest ranking to the lowest, until all spaces are filled. If there are more eligible candidates than there are spaces available, a waiting list will be developed.  Should spaces become available prior to the first day of class, applicants will be notified.
  6. Students will be notified via email of their acceptance and ask to reply to the email accepting their position.
  7. Students are required to attend new student orientation held late July or early August.


Final Acceptance Requirements (Following notification of acceptance)


When an acceptance letter is received, instructions for the following will be included in the letter.


  1. TB test to be completed and documentation turned in prior to FIRST DAY OF CLASS.
  2. CPR Certification for Healthcare Provider (American Red Cross or American Heart Association) must be completed prior to FIRST DAY OF CLASS.
  3. Dental Examination must be completed prior to FIRST DAY OF CLASS.
  4. Pass a urine drug screen
  5. Pass a criminal background check.


Required Immunizations

All students must submit a copy of the records of the following immunizations with a valid stamp or signature, a signed statement from a physician, or lab report indicating serologic confirmation.  Please note that some of these immunizations take up to six months to complete.  Immunizations must be started in time to complete the series before the FIRST DAY OF CLASS.  If unable to complete the series before the beginning of class, the applicant is not eligible for admission.


              One dose of the Tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap) immunization within the last 10 years.

  1. MEASLES, MUMPS, RUBELLA (MMR)(Immunizations or blood test)

If born after January 1, 1957 must have proof of two doses of the MMR vaccine administered on or after the 1st birthday and at least 30 days apart – or – proof of serologic confirmation of measles, mumps and rubella immunity – or- serologic evidence of infection.

  1. VARICELLA (Chickenpox)(Immunization or blood test)

Serologic confirmation of varicella immunity- or – varicella vaccine- one dose if vaccinated from age 12 months to 12 years – or- varicella vaccine -  if vaccinated at age 13  years or older, 2 doses are required 4-8 weeks apart.

  1. HEPATITIS B (Immunization or blood test)

              Series of three hepatitis B vaccines- or- serologic confirmation of immunity to hepatitis B.


Annual influenza vaccination with the most up-to-date strains predicted on the basis of viral surveillance data is required.


All on-campus college students who are under the age of 30 must have the meningococcal vaccination within the previous five years and at least 10 days prior to the first day of class.

Due to compliance with clinical facility requirements and Texas Department of Health recommendations, GC Health Science programs may not waiver immunization requirements for any reason.  If immunizations are not complete, application to the program must be delayed.

Copies of records from physician’s offices, public health department, public schools, other colleges and the military are acceptable.  Students should provide a copy of the records.  Please do not turn in the originals


Transfer of college Coursework

Students who desire admission via transfer to GC must adhere to the GC course transfer policies outlined in the GC Catalog.  This includes submitting official copies of transcripts from each college or university previously attended to the Office of Admissions and Records and a copy of the transcripts to the Dental Assisting program. The office of Admissions and Records will not send a copy to the Dental Assisting program.  Prerequisite courses for the certificate program and co-requisite general education courses for the Associate Degree program will be accepted for transfer and application toward the Associate of Applied Science in Dental Assisting if the course is evaluated as equivalent to the required course at GC.  At this time GC Dental Assisting does not admit students with advanced standing.   

Information Session Schedule




Contact for information packet. 


Student Handbook and Course Syllabi

For more information about the program, please click on the links below to view the Student Handbook and Course Syllabi.

DNTA 1202

DNTA 1245

DNTA 1251

DNTA 1301

DNTA 1305

DNTA 1311

DNTA 1315

DNTA 1347

DNTA 1349

DNTA 1353

DNTA 1460

DNTA 2230

DNTA 2260