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How long is the dental assisting program?


The certificate program is 9 ½ months long.  The program begins in the in August and ends in late May.  The program consist of a fall semester, spring semester, and spring flex course.  During the spring flex students are strictly finishing clinical hours. 



Do I have to take the AAS courses before I take the dental assisting courses?


No, you can take the AAS courses before or after the dental courses. If you choose to only take the dental assisting program courses you will graduate with a certificate of completion.  If you choose to take the AAS courses (either before or after you complete the dental assisting program courses) you will graduate with an Associates of Applied Science in Dental Assisting.   The dental courses must be taken in sequence.  Students must satisfactorily complete all the dental assisting courses in each semester concurrently in order to progress to the next semester of the program.



 Can I apply to the program if I have not taken the pre-requisite courses?


Yes, you can apply to the program if you have not taken the pre-requisite courses but are currently enrolled in the courses.  You must provide a transcript showing you have enrolled in the courses.  Once you have completed the courses you will need to provide an updated transcript showing you have completed the courses. 



What is the job outlook for Dental Assisting?


Dental Assisting careers are expected to grow by 18% over the next 10 years.  Currently dental assisting careers are in high demand in the North Texas Area.  Grayson College Dental Assisting Program Job Placement average rate over the past 3 years is 79%. 



What is the expected Pay for a Dental Assistant?


The median pay for a Dental Assistant is $35,980 per year.