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WLDG 1021, 1028, 1030, 1034, 1057, 2006, 2047, 2051



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In Person

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Are You Ready to Master the Art of Welding?

At both our main and south campuses, we provide an array of welding courses to the public, opening doors to a world of exciting possibilities. If you're eager to learn the craft, we recommend beginning your journey with our "Intro to Welding Fundamentals" course, designed to lay the foundation for all that follows. Click on the register now button to see the available offerings. 

Our comprehensive curriculum includes courses in:

  • Introduction to Welding Fundamentals - WLDG 1021
  • Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW) -WLDG 1028
  • Introduction to Gas Metal  Arc (GMAW) - WLDG 1030
  • Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW) -  WLDG 1034
  • Intermediate Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW)- WLDG 1057 *Prereq required
  • Intermediate Pipe Welding - WLDG 2006  *Prereq required
  • Advanced Gas Metal Arc (GMAW)- WLDG 2047  *Prereq required
  • Advances Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW) - WLDG 2051 *Prereq required

While we generally encourage students to start with the fundamentals, we understand that every learner is unique. Our experienced instructors may consider exceptions to prerequisite courses based on industry experience, ensuring that you receive the tailored guidance you need to thrive in the world of welding.

Are you ready to spark your welding journey? Join us and unlock the doors to a future filled with endless opportunities in the art of welding. Your path to mastering this craft begins here!