Songwriting and Composition

We offer songwriting class and composition lessons to music majors and non-music majors alike, regardless of experience.


From the 2012-2013 catalog:

MUSC 1321. Songwriting I. (3-0-3). Introduction to the techniques of writing marketable songs including the writing of lyrics and melodies, setting lyrics to music, developing lyrical and musical “hooks,” analyzing the marketplace, and developing a production plan for a song demo.

This takes place in a group (class) setting, and is much more geared toward commercial music, including rock, pop, etc. The class is a combination of lecture materials and hands-on writing activities.

Songwriting is one of a series of new courses intended to extend the scope of the GC Music Program into areas of commercial music and music technology. Other courses in this initiative are Audio EngineeringCommercial Music Software, and Survey of the Music Business.

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Composition lessons

Composition lessons take place as private lessons (one-on-one), and are much more geared toward classical compositional techniques. Often, students will compose for one of our ensembles, which performs the piece in concert.

Composition lessons are listed along with other private lessons (MUAP classes). Click here for more about MUAP courses.

Contact James Dering for more information.