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  • Spring 2024 Graduation Application is now available in the MyViking student planner. Deadline is March 19, 2024.

Scholarship FAQs

Award Spring Scholarship FAQ’s

Why do I not see a save button?

The AwardSpring system automatically saves your answers as you complete the application.

Can I apply for more than one Grayson College Foundation Scholarship?

When completing the online scholarship application, answer and complete each question carefully and accurately, as this determines scholarship eligibility. Some scholarships need additional requirements, so be sure to review your “Dashboard” and answer those questions. Do not leave any questions blank. 

Do all scholarships have the same eligibility requirement(s)?

No. Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirement(s) that were defined by the donor when the scholarship was established. Eligibility requirements are stated for each individual scholarship, so be sure to read the requirements carefully.

Is there a deadline to apply for a Grayson College Foundation Scholarship?

Yes. The priority deadline to apply for a GC Foundation scholarship is March 30. Submitting your completed scholarship application by the priority deadline will provide you the best opportunity to be considered for and/or awarded a GC Foundation scholarship. The application will close on August 18.

Can I apply for a Grayson College Foundation scholarship if I am an international student?

Yes. International students may apply for GC Foundation scholarships. Awards are made based on qualifications and eligibility criteria of the scholarships.

Who makes the award decisions?

The Grayson College Foundation Scholarship Committee reviews and evaluates each application and makes award recommendations based on the scholarship criteria.

Will I need to apply each year for a Grayson College Foundation Scholarship?

Yes. Everyone requesting financial assistance through the GC Foundation is required to reapply by the next priority deadline. All scholarship deadlines will be posted on the college’s website.

I'm having difficulty locating my GC issued email address.

To access MyViking portal and your Viking email address, visit and click “MyViking.” On the login page, click “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Username” then follow the steps provided. For additional assistance, visit the Help Desk.

Your Viking email address can be located in your MyViking portal under the Gmail tab. Click on the Gmail tab and hoover over the account icon in the upper right side of the page to see your GC issued email address.