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Payment Information and Options

A student is not officially enrolled until payment is made in full. Students must pay fees by the time and date listed on the registration statement provided at the time of enrolling in classes. Tuition may be paid with cash, check, MasterCard, Visa or Discover, and may be paid in person or online. A Payment Plan is also available.

Pay in Full

Students using ‘pay in full by credit card’ on the MyLedger page in MyViking are not charged a separate fee.

Students who need/qualify for other financial assistance should contact the Financial Aid office early. Students may use their MyViking account to follow their financial aid status.

Installment Payment Plan

A payment plan system is available for students to payout their tuition before classes begin. To help students meet educational expenses, GC offers an automatic payment plan that can be set up to use a bank account or credit/debit card. Students interested in this method of payment should click the Pay by Credit Card button on the MyLedger page in MyViking. To participate in FACTS (also known as e-Cashier) an account must be established.

FACTS/Nelnet provides a low-cost option for budgeting tuition. It is not a loan program. All payment plans are legal contracts with Nelnet Business Solutions. It allows installments toward tuition to be paid automatically on a monthly basis. The earlier a student registers for classes, the longer the payment period. 

Cost to Participate: To use the payment plan there is a $30 per semester (non-refundable) enrollment fee for payments made through ACH (automatic bank payment) or credit card. There is a $30 returned payment fee every time a payment is returned. Another option is to use e-Cashier to pay the tuition in full with a checking or savings account or credit/debit card. There is a $2 enrollment fee. (If paying in full, students may want to consider the ‘pay in full by credit card’ service on MyViking. See above for details.)

To Enroll in the Payment Plan

  • Login to MyViking and select MyLedger
  • Select the correct term for which you are paying, click Submit
  • Choose Pay by Credit Card. When setting up payment plan be sure to include a current email address so you will receive copies of all the e-Cashier contract information.

Installment Plan Date Information

The earlier you enroll for classes, the longer you have to pay!

Minimesters & Half Sessions

e-Cashier is NOT available for Minimester or Half-Session classes.

Note: Payments are processed on the 5th of each month and will continue automatically until the balance is paid in full. If payment is not successful on the 5th it will be re-attempted on the 20th and a $30 fee will be assessed by FACTS/Nelnet. The $30 fee will be charged for each unsuccessful attempt. All down and full payments, and the $30 enrollment fee, are processed immediately. Also note that payments will not show on MyViking until the funds actually reach the college’s bank. This can take 3 days for credit cards and up to 10 days for bank transfers. If the down payment fails, the contract will be terminated, and you may be required to pay in full.

Students Who Receive Financial Aid: 

Your e-Cashier balance cannot be reduced until Pell is awarded or loan funds are actually disbursed to the school. If this happens less than 5 days before a payment is due the balance cannot be changed before the payment is taken. 

Tuition Exemptions

Available for blind or deaf students, adopted students, eligible dual credit high school students, veterans, veterans’ surviving children, children or spouse of deceased public servants, children of MIAs/POWs, ex-prisoners of war, preceptors for professional nursing education programs and their children, children of professional nurse faculty or staff, children of disabled firemen, peace officers, firemen taking fire science curriculum, foster care students and the Texas Tomorrow Prepaid Tuition Program. Certificates of exemption must be presented at the time of enrollment.