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GED Promise

Expanding higher education access

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About GED Promise

The GED Promise expands higher education access in order to help students achieve a livable wage and strengthen the workforce.

Through the GED Promise, students who have earned their GED and have not yet obtained a college level certificate or degree have the opportunity to earn a certificate, or associate degree with no out-of-pocket tuition or mandatory fees cost . Once enrolled, success coaching and career services are provided to all Promise Scholars throughout their time in college.

In partnership with Grayson College you can become eligible for this life-changing program!

Getting Started


Submit your pledge to enroll at Grayson now through Fall 2023


Complete the Grayson College Admissions Application, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Texas Application for Federal Student Aid (TASFA), and complete the Grayson Foundation Scholarship application


Enroll at Grayson now through Fall 2023


  • Must have earned a GED
  • Must live or own property in Grayson County
  • Open to US citizens and non-US citizens that qualify for Texas residency
  • Have not yet obtained a college-level certificate or degree

Scholarship Opportunities

  1. All students who are eligible, complete the pledge and all requirements are awarded a one-time $350 scholarship to Grayson College.
  2. In addition, students whose families have an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $80,000 or less are also eligible for any remaining tuition and mandatory fees to be covered (after grants/scholarships are applied) for up to 2 years or 60 credits, whichever is reached first.