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Self Care

Looking after yourself is essential to living a fulfilling life. It is important to schedule activities that contribute to your health and well-being.

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Counseling is free to Grayson College Students.

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Barbara Malone, Licensed Professional Counselor, Supervisor

Benefits of Self Care

  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression
  • Strengthens Relationships
  • Fosters Empathy
  • Prevents Burnout
  • Boosts Confidence

8 Dimensions of Wellness


Eat healthy foods, maintain a sleep schedule, exercise, and receive regular medical check-ups

TED Talk: Sleep is your Superpower


Acknowledge your accomplishments, vent & express emotions in healthy ways, engage in comforting activities, and process feelings with a counselor or someone you trust

TED Talk: How to practice Emotional First Aid


Schedule time for family & friends, ask others for help when you need it, get involved in your community

Join a Student Organization


Maintain a clean environment, reduce house/office clutter, decorate your space(s) in ways that express your personality

Video: What is Feng Shui?


Pursue meaningful work, prioritize what you value in life, maintain work-life balance, practice good time management

Work-Life Balance Worksheet


Explore your curiosities, actively learn, teach others, read a book, listen to a podcast, create something, take classes that sound interesting

Personality Test


Disconnect from technology, connect with nature, meditate, explore spiritual connections, define and live in accordance with your values

YouTube: Guided Meditation


Create or refine your budget, explore internships/part-time jobs while in college, plan for retirement, start building (good) credit.

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