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Student Veterans Association

The Grayson College Student Veterans Association (SVA) is the local chapter of the Student Veterans of America organization. It is a dynamic, active and growing group of student veterans on campus. In fact, the SVA is currently one of forty (40) campus clubs and organizations on campus and the only one specifically for student veterans. Veterans….this is YOUR club.

The SVA continually evolves to expand the opportunities and experiences student veterans and dependents can have while studying at Grayson College. Plans are underway for the SVA to be a more visible campus club as well as to be known throughout the community by engaging in service projects and participating in local events.

Meetings for the SVA are scheduled for the 1st Tuesday of each month. Sub-groups of the SVA are even possible when enough student veterans in one specific area of academic or vocational study want to form their own separate SVA club, i.e. Welding Students, Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice, Health Sciences, etc. Another sub-group, the South Campus SVA is also available for veteran students attending classes at that campus in Van Alstyne. Membership to the SVA, like use of The HUB, is open to all student veterans, their dependents and/or their survivors. Members are presented their “Official SVA Member” t-shirt at their first SVA meeting. SVA members are encouraged to wear their SVA t-shirts to all meetings, campus functions and events. It is felt that displaying their SVA club affiliation will greatly assist in our club’s recruiting efforts as well as to generate goodwill throughout the campus.


To provide a supportive, inspirational and informational atmosphere where student veterans can gather to: serve the community, further their skills in attaining academic success, gain knowledge of benefits and services available as student veterans and to develop valuable personal relationships with other student veterans as well as non-veteran students.