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Basic Drawing and Oil Painting

24 Hours | Feb 6 through Feb 29, 2024 

Experience the timeless artistry of classical painting with our traditional approach. Begin by sketching a charcoal underdrawing to master the nuances of placement, composition, and proportions. Our Basic Drawing and Oil Painting course not only provides essential techniques but also unveils the enchanting magic of art, making your creative journey truly captivating. Explore the rich tradition of painting and unlock your artistic potential with us.

Basic Hand Building and Ceramics

24 Hours | April 2 through April 25, 2024

Want to learn the basic of working with clay but don't want to commit to a semester's long course.  Take this short course and get started on your journey of playing with clay. 

Glitter Wine Glasses

3 Hours | March 11, 2024

Looking for the perfect gift or wedding present that's sure to impress? Craft a stunning wine glass and pair it with a miniature bottle for a truly special touch. Our gifts can be elegantly arranged on distinctive serving plates or customized for a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Yard Art

3 Hours | May 7, 2024

Explore a delightful selection of whimsical and charming DIY projects using recycled materials to enhance your garden. Craft unique plant stakes, decorative spindles, enchanting dragonflies, buzzing bowling ball bees, and adorable ladybugs, just to name a few of our creative ideas.

Picture Frame and Message Board

3 Hours | April 29, 2024

Enhance your spring decor with an exquisite picture frame or message board! Achieve a high-end aesthetic by sourcing most of the supplies from your local dollar store