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Viticulture and Distillation


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Course Description

Unlock the Art of Craft Beverages with Grayson College

At Grayson College, our Viticulture, Enology, and Distillation Programs provide a unique gateway to mastering the skills of wine and craft beverage production. Our students engage in hands-on learning, gaining invaluable experience within the T.V. Munson Memorial Vineyard and Teaching Distillery under the expert guidance of our experienced faculty.

Our Viticulture Program stands out as one of the few programs in the country offering a degree in grape growing and winemaking, and it proudly holds the distinction of being the first of its kind in a Texas community college. We not only provide a path to a degree but also extend the opportunity to non-degree seeking individuals who wish to immerse themselves in our courses.

The following classes are available to take as a non-credit "mirror" of a credit course. 

  • Principles of Viticulture - FDST 2020
  • Principles of Enology 1 - FDST 1020
  • Analysis of Must & Wine FDST 2030
  • Wine Marketing - MRKG 1091

For those intrigued by the art of distillation, our Distillation Program offers a chance to gain hands-on experience in a fully functioning distillery, catering to both students and hobbyists alike. We understand that learning takes different forms, and we're committed to providing a well-rounded education in this craft.

  • Distillery Operations - FDST 1071
  • Whiskey Production - FDST 2074
  • Rum Production - FDST 1073
  • Internship- Coordinated Work Experience - FDST 2086

Please note that our courses in Distillation Science, Viticulture, and Enology can be taken for college semester-hour credits or as non-credit courses. You have the flexibility to choose the learning path that suits your needs. Additionally, up to 9 hours of non-credit classes can be transferred into semester-hour credits, ensuring your educational journey is as seamless as possible. 

Our course offerings are diverse, covering topics like Principles of Viticulture, Enology, Analysis of Must and Wine, Special Topics in Wine Marketing, Distillery Operations, Whiskey Production, and Rum Production. Join us at Grayson College and embark on a journey to master the art of crafting fine beverages. Your path to becoming a skilled professional in this field starts right here!

For information about the one-evening Spirit and Food Pairing Workshop and the 5-day Distillation Workshop, please refer to the  Personal Enrichment Courses page for 1 day workshops on Spirit and food pairings.