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Mental Health Technician


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PMHS 1005



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Caring for individuals facing mental health challenges is a profound gift. The successful completion of our Mental Health Technician (Psychiatric Aide/Technician) program prepares students to play a pivotal role in providing care to individuals dealing with psychiatric or substance use disorders, following physician instructions and hospital procedures.

To embark on this journey, students should enroll in PMHS 1005 (48 hours). As psychiatric aides and mental health technicians, individuals in this program actively observe and document patient behavior, present findings to counselors, nurses, and other professional staff, and are trained to intervene in crisis situations. They facilitate clients' behavior management and provide assistance with daily tasks, including feeding, mobility, dressing, personal hygiene, and other activities of daily living.

Throughout the program, students gain insights into mental disorders, universal precautions, vital sign monitoring, behavioral observation and documentation, proactive measures to manage aggressive behavior, patient rights, confidentiality, hygiene practices, and effective communication techniques. Upon successful program completion, students become eligible to sit for the Certified Mental Health Technician (CMHT) exam.

Our program's tuition includes a textbook and exam preparation resources to support students' success. An additional fee of approximately $175 for the CMHT exam is required upon completing the course.

This program is designed to prepare individuals for a rewarding career in caring for those with mental health challenges, offering valuable skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.