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Coronavirus Information and Updates

COVID-19 Response Updates

Grayson College is not mandating masks at this time; however, wearing masks and practicing responsible health precautions is encouraged.

As of May 13, 2023, the COVID Response Team will transition from exposure reporting to a non-reporting exposure model.

If you test positive for COVID, you will be expected to abide by the quarantine guidelines of five days off campus from the date of first symptoms. Although you will not be required to report COVID-19 exposure or illness through any online form, you are still expected to stay home when sick.  

Employees: You will notify your supervisor of your illness as you typically would and utilize a sick day, if available.

Students: You will notify your instructor(s) of your illness and work with the instructor to complete assignments, as needed.

Remember to wash your hands as frequently as possible with soap and water. Stay home when you feel sick and ask others to do the same. Vaccines are available and have become a routine part of our world post-pandemic.

Thank you for your continued efforts to slow the spread of Covid-19.