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College Success Council

The purpose of the College Success Council (CSC) shall be to emphasize student success through the use of data, planning, and effectiveness to integrate continuous improvement campus-wide into all programs and services. Specifically, the group is responsible for the strategic plan. Further, the CSC will serve as the steering committee for the Achieving the Dream work. The CSC is charged to think globally about the strategic realignment of the college through systemic change. Additionally, the CSC will develop, execute, monitor, and improve our collective actions to help students succeed. This group is charged with the ongoing engagement of our larger campus community in the journey to institutional transformation.

Members of the CSC shall be appointed annually, usually each August, by the College President or designee.

College Success Council (ATD) Membership

Dr. Jeremy McMillen, President

Molly Harris, Assistant to the President

Kim Williams, Dean of Workforce Education

Regina Organ, Vice President of Student Affairs and College Success Council Chair

Debbie Smarr, Dean of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Planning, Research, Assessment of Accredidation

Dava Washburn, Vice President of Instruction

Barbara Malone, Director of Advising and Counseling

Ms. Brandi Furr, Director of Admissions/Records

Mr. Casey Ticknor, Director of Administrative Computing

Ms. Logan Maxwell, Faculty Representative


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