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Follett Access Information | Dual Credit

Follett Access: Course Materils for All

What is Follett Access?

Follett ACCESS is designed to deliver course materials through a flat fee per credit hour. As a student at Grayson College, you will have access to your course materials on the first day of class, stress-free. No more shopping for textbooks at the bookstore!


Course materials will be offered at a discounted price of $27.63 per credit hour.

How do I get my Books?

Once you have selected your courses, your materials will be made available to you through Canvas.

How do I Opt Out?

Your high school counselor will facilitate the opt out process.

Follett Access FAQs

  • Dual credit students that would like to opt out should contact their high school counselor.

  • No - unfortunately it will not.

  • No - unfortunately it will not.

  • Yes!

  • It will be identified as "Access Fee."

  • A list of OER courses has been sent to your high school counselor.

  • Yes - if they have registered, they will see Follett Access fees charged to their account. However, their high school counselor will indicate their decision to opt out during the enrollment process.

    For summer enrollment, an email is being sent to all students with directions on how to opt out.

    Each long semester, the student will either opt in or opt out.

    PLEASE NOTE: Students can only opt in or out for the long term (example: Fall 16-week) not the short term (example: Fall 2 8-week).

  • No - the Follett Access program requires you to opt in or opt out for all courses in a long term.

  • No - the materials will need to be returned.

  • Most course materials are digital. However, in the event that an ISBN is not available digitally, a print copy will be provided. Print copies will be owned by the student following the course.

  • No - however, these can be purchased by the student outside of the Follett Access program.

  • Recommended books are not a part of the program, only required textbooks and materials. The bookstore will stock a few of these books, and they will also be available through special order.

  • No - if a student wants to rent textbooks for just one of their courses, this would be an extra student expense. Students may choose to opt out and rent or buy textbooks instead.

  • The student is assessed a course fee of $27.63 per credit hour for course materials.

  • Generally, the course material access is tied to the beginning and end-of-term dates and will open and close to the student with access to the Canvas course shell.

  • The Cengage Unlimited subscription will be lengthened. There will be only one Cengage Unlimited dashboard account for a Grayson College student as long as they use their Grayson College e-mail to login to the Cengage Unlimited dashboard. Login may be via direct login or via embedded links within a Canvas course shell.