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  • Spring 2024 Graduation Application is now available in the MyViking student planner. Deadline is March 19, 2024.

Important Dual Credit Dates

See the Academic Calendar for more information.

Fall 2022

August 2022
Date Event
Aug 15 Last day to pay Fall (16-week) and Fall 1 (8-week) terms
Aug 22 Fall (16-week) and Fall 1 (8-week) terms begin
Aug 29 Census Date for Fall 1 (8-week) term
September 2022
Date Event
Sep 5 Holiday: Labor Day
Sep 7 Census Date for Fall 16-week Term
Sep 30 Last day to withdraw Fall 1 (8-week) term
October 2022
Date Event
Oct 12-13 Final Exams for Fall 1 (8-week) term
Oct 18 Fall 2 (8-week) term begins
Oct 20 Midterm grades released by noon (16-week)
Oct 25 Census date for Fall 2 (8-week) term
TBA Fall graduation application deadline
November 2022
Date Event
Nov 11 Last day to withdraw Fall (16-week) term
Nov 23 Campus closes at 5pm
Nov 24-25 Holiday: Thanksgiving
Nov 28 Last day to withdraw Fall 2 (8-week) term
December 2022
Date Event
Dec 5-8 Final Exams for Fall (16-week) term
Dec 7-8 Final Exams for Fall 2 (8-week) term
Dec 9 Winter Commencement
Dec 13 Final Grades released by noon (16-week)
Dec 16 Administrative offices close at 5PM for winter break

Spring 2023

January 2023
Date Event
Ja 2 Administratie offices re-open at 8AM
Jan 9 Last day to pay Spring (16-week) and Spring (8-week)
Jan 16 Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Observance
Jan 17 Spring (16-week) and Spring (8-week) terms begin
Jan 24 Census date for Spring 1 (8-week) term
February 2023
Date Event
Feb 1 Census date for Spring 16-week term
Feb 27 Last day to withdraw Spring 1 (8-week) term
March 2023
Date Event
Mar 9-10 Final exams for Spring 1 (8-week) term
Mar 13-17 Holiday: Spring Break
Mar 21 Spring 2 (8-week) term begins
Mar 22 Midterm grades released by noon (16-week)
Mar 28 Census date for Spring 2 (8-week) term
April 2023
Date Event
Apr 17 Last day to withdraw Spring 16-week term
May 2023
Date Event
May 1 Last day to withdraw Spring 2 (8-week) term
May 8-11 Final exams for Spring 16-week term
May 10-11 Final Exams for Spring 2 (8-week) term
May 12 Spring Commencement
May 16 Final grades released by noon (16-week)