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GC Technology Integration Examples

Grayson College strives to be at the forefront of technology integration in the classroom. We encourage our faculty to use technology to help students learn and grow by creating a student centered learning environment. Listed below are examples submitted by faculty at Grayson College of ways they use technology in the classroom.

Professor: Rhea Bermel 

Subject: English Comp 

Technology used: Prezi and Powtoons


How it is used: I have incorporated both Prezi and Powtoons in the classroom in order to help my students create a visual element to accompany their written assignments. This technology serves as a fun and creative way for them to create interactive visuals that can help spark their imagination and story telling in a way that a basic power point presentations can not. I have found the integration of these to be quick and easy with a very small learning curve for my students.

Professor: Dr. Chase Machen 

Subject: US History 

Technology Used: Kahoot!


How it is used: I have used Kahoot! in the classroom to help students study for upcoming exams. Using Kahoot! gives my students a fun way to prepare while at the same time taking some of the stress off of them that comes with studying for an upcoming test. Using Kahoot! is great because it allow students to use their own device to answer questions in a fun and interactive way.