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Purchasing Services’ responsibility for Grayson College expenditures are governed by the Grayson College Procurement Rules. While each purchase is initiated by a requisition in the financial system, the course it follows will vary depending upon the anticipated cost, complexity, or legalities of the buy.

Early involvement of Purchasing is highly recommended to better guide you through the process.

Purchasing Forms

Purchasing Levels

This chart provides information on the dollar amounts for each purchase and the recommended payment method for each. Purchasing levels are distinct from approval levels, which are set through ReQlogic software and automatically routed to the appropriate party.

Amount of Purchase Payment Method Expectations Additional Information/Requirements
Any Amount is encouraged to use Interlocal Agreements/ Cooperatives Purchase order (preferred), Credit Card (See CC requirements for $0.01-$9,999)

Price must be reasonable.

Agreements/contracts must be valid and match the requested items.

Requisition and quotes must show cooperative contract information.

Back-up documentation required in the requisition.
$0.01 - $9,999 Purchase order (preferred),
Credit Card (See requirements)

Price must be reasonable.

Credit card purchases outside an approved requisition must be approved in writing by Purchasing Department PRIOR to the purchase.

Back-up documentation required in the requisition.
$10,000-$49,999 Purchase order only Price must be reasonable. Requires three quotes submitted with the requisition.
$50,000 and above Competitive Process required. (RFP/RFQ or cooperative) RFP/RFQ must go through Purchasing Department. Once a vendor has been awarded, requisition is entered and normal purchase order process occurs.


  • Contracts are required for any services. Contracts can only be signed by the President or Vice President of Business Services.
  • Grants must follow allowed College purchasing requirement unless grant is more restrictive.

The approver(s) are expected to review any purchasing documents in ReQlogic for accuracy as well as review the attached supporting documentation. If three quotes cannot be obtained when applicable, then documentation as to why three quotes were unattainable must be noted. Once a requisition has routed through the approval process, requisition will become a purchase order.

Issuance of a Purchase Order or Contract

  1. Grayson College financial policy requires that an approved commitment document, either a purchase order or contract, be issued for all purchases of goods and services prior to committing College funds.
  2. If a competitive solicitation is required (see solicitation process above), the Purchasing Agent conducts the solicitation and, together with the ordering department, determines the basis for the award. Once an award is made, the Department issues the PO (or contract).
  3. Unauthorized purchase. An unauthorized purchase occurs when financial obligations are incurred on the College’s behalf without prior approval by use of an approved purchase order or contract. Failure to obtain an approved PO or contract, where one is required, may result in personal liability.
  4. If grant dollars are being used, please refer to the grant and/or grant administrator to ensure the correct dollar threshold and quotes are obtained.