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Success Coach Spotlight - Lewanda Diaz

Date: Fri, July 10, 2020 12:00 AM

Lewanda Diaz headshot


Pathway: Industrial Technologies



Kilgore College

The University of Texas at Austin

Texan Woman's University

The University of Kansas



I thought about going into Public Relations or Business but I got a scholarship in Drama so I pursued a degree in Drama Education to be a High School Drama teacher. That turned out to not be my passion, so I continued my education and my pursuit of a career that would make my eyes sparkle. I have had many jobs in my life and what makes me happy at work is helping people achieve their educational goals. It is a humbling privilege to be a link in the chain of events and experiences that make up a student's life.

"It is hard to narrow it down to one piece of advice because the best advise for any given college students varies dependent upon their situation, major and needs. I guess the most universal advise is to seek out all the resources available on campus and in the community and be involved in your college functions. Faculty and staff are there to help you so do not be shy to ask. By seeking help, asking questions, and being involved, you learn how to navigate not only college but develop a lifelong skill of self advocacy. You learn how to be a good college student as well as a good citizen of your community after graduation."