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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions for Students Entering a Workforce Training Program 

1. Do I have to purchase a textbook for class? 

No, tuition in all workforce training programs includes the cost of textbook(s) and most essential supplies for class. You’ll receive the textbook(s) in one of your first class sessions for in-person classes or you’ll receive direction from the instructor on when and how to pick up your textbook for online classes. You are responsible for bringing your own pen/pencil and paper to class. 


2. I know I'm registered, but I can't see my class? 

Once you have registered for and paid for a workforce training program, there are at least four more steps done on the backend before you have access to your course. While there are always exceptions, you should not expect to see your course in MyViking/Canvas until the day the course begins per the schedule provided on the course information webpage. 

3. Will I need a computer/internet for class? 

Most of our workforce training programs have some online elements to them, and all are accessible via the Canvas portal at any time. That means that a personal computer or laptop and reliable internet access would make it much easier to engage with the course work. Mac aka Apple computers pose a compatibility challenge for several of Grayson College's standard student platforms. If you're purchasing a computer for class keep that in mind. 

For training programs that are described as “hybrid” per the course description webpage, access to a computer or laptop and reliable internet are essential for successful completion of the course. Grayson College offers enrolled students the option to borrow a laptop for use on a first come, first served basis. Grayson College’s library and public libraries in Sherman and Denison have computers and internet available for use according to their policies and operating hours. 

4. What about scrubs or protective clothing? 

For Patient Care Tech, Certified Nurse Aide, and Clinical Medical Assistant healthcare training programs, students will receive a voucher from their instructor for the purchase of scrubs. These scrubs become required classroom attire and should fit appropriately with proper undergarments worn underneath. Prior to receiving scrubs, students should wear long jeans or pants and short-sleeved tops. 

Students in all healthcare programs must wear closed-toed, slip-resistant footwear. Because you will be performing skills on other students, jewelry should be kept to a minimum, and only studs are allowed for earrings or facial piercings. Hair should be kept up off of the collar and out of your face. Nails must be natural, short and clean. Acrylic nails, nail dips or extensions of any kind on the nails are not/not permitted. Nail length must not extend past the tip of the finger.

Industrial Maintenance Technician (IMT) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Technician students will need to provide their own safety toe shoes/boots in the mechatronics lab. IMT and PLC students may choose to purchase their own safety glasses, though some are available for use in the lab.

5. What other costs should I expect? 

Students are responsible for the costs associated with certification exams. Since the cost of certifications in a long term program like Patient Care Technician and Clinical Medical Assistant can be close to $500, we encourage students to plan ahead. Workforce Solutions Texoma and Texoma Council of Governments cover the cost of certification exams for students enrolled in their tuition assistance programs. Occasionally the CWL will have access to unique funding sources to cover the cost of certification exams. Students experiencing financial hardship should inquire with Marlene Phillips at on the availability of funds to pay for certification exams.  

6. I can’t register for the course I want because it is “unavailable.”

That happens when the online registration for a course/program has reached the capacity set for the course/program. Give us a call, though, at 903-463-8765 if you get that message. Often we are able to work out a solution or add you to a waitlist. 

7. Will I get a Grayson College Student ID? 

Yes! Your Student ID fee is included in your course tuition. We encourage all enrolled students to get a GC Student ID. More information on student IDs is available here. Student ID availability is affected by the College’s operating status. Check for the latest on Grayson’s operating hours. 

8. Are there any requirements or prerequisites for your programs? 

Certified Nurse Aide is the only program we offer for those with less than a high school diploma. All other programs are intended for high schools graduates or soon to be high school graduates. In addition, Certified Nurse Aide, Clinical Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician, and Phlebotomy Technician programs require proof of immunizations and a negative TB test prior to enrollment. Check the respective program information page for more details or this information sheet

9. How can I get notified of any critical campus information like closings for weather? 

Grayson College uses GC Alert to send out high-priority messages in urgent situations to any registered individuals including your friends and family. It’s quick and easy to register by following the instructions here.

10. Do I need a parking permit? 

Yes, parking permits are required for all current students, staff, and faculty who operate a motor vehicle on campus. Campus security personnel do ticket vehicles. Park without a permit at your own risk! 

11. Speaking of campus police, how do I reach them? 

Campus police keep us safe and secure. They provide lock out, escort, and battery boost services in addition to being first on the scene for any campus 911 calls. They can be reached at 903-463-8777 during regular business hours. After hours call or text 903-814-3343 or phone 903-893-4388. For any on-campus emergency, you should still call 911. This short video will help you understand just how Grayson College works to provide you with a safe learning environment.

12. How much time am I going to spend on classwork outside of school? 

It depends. I know you were expecting that answer. The general rule in higher education is that for each hour of lecture or discussion a student should spend two hours studying. This rule does not translate well for our programs as our programs are condensed, fast-paced training programs. 

Very generally speaking, students in the Certified Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy, and Patient Care Technician programs should expect to spend 15 hours per week outside of class studying. Pharmacy Technician students should expect to spend 20 hours per week outside of class studying. Industrial Maintenance Technician students will spend approximately 12 hours per week studying outside of class. Clinical Medical Assistants typically spend the most time engaged in outside study at about 25 hours per week. 

13. What is the schedule for my program? 

The basic course schedule is described on the course information webpage. Additional details will be provided in your first days of class. 

14. What does hybrid mean?

Hybrid for our purposes describes the way the course material and instruction will be delivered. Hybrid is a combination of in-person and online (remote) learning. The course syllabus will help you understand exactly how much of your program is online versus in-person if it’s a hybrid course. 

15. I received accommodations for a learning difficulty in high school or I think I have a learning difficulty. What can I do to ensure my success in the classroom with this learning difficulty? 

It is very important for you to be your own advocate in this higher education environment in regards to a documented or suspected learning difficulty. As soon as possible including before the first day of class either online or in-person, you should reach out to Grayson College’s Disability Services Coordinator: 

Jeffri Johnson Hodge
6101 Grayson Drive, Hwy 691
Denison, TX 75020
Phone:  903-463-8751
For guidance and assistance in addressing your difficulty for a successful outcome. 

You may also choose to complete an online form to request accommodations to address your learning difficulty in the classroom.

16. Why can’t I get a refund when I withdraw from a program? 

Courses offered by the Center for Workplace Learning (CWL) are not supported by State budget dollars. In order to continue to offer workplace training programs, each program must be able to generate its own income in terms of tuition to pay the instructor, cover a portion of the salary for support staff, provide textbooks and any supplies to the class, pay for classroom technology, and some administrative costs. We deliberately keep class sizes small to improve the quality of instruction. So the maximum income per program is comparatively small.   

Once a student has started one of our workforce training programs, we have incurred almost all of the expense expected to provide the training and instruction to the student. Without a promise of state funding to fall back on, we simply cannot refund program costs for students who decide to withdraw from the program. 

17. Will I be able to participate in graduation?

Yes! Students in CWL programs celebrate the successful completion of their chosen training program at a graduation ceremony held in December and May annually. There is no cost to participate in graduation, but students MUST confirm their participation in graduation no later than three weeks prior to the ceremony. In the 2022/2023 academic year, graduation will be celebrated for summer and fall term completers on Thursday, December 8, 2022 and for spring term completers on Thursday, May 11, 2023 at 6:30 pm in the Cruce Stark Auditorium on the Grayson College Main Campus in Denison. Students can confirm their participation in graduation here.

18. Can I do this?

Yes, you absolutely can! We are truly here to help you reach your goals and succeed. So reach out to your instructor, Marlene (903-463-8752) or anyone of us if you’re struggling and take inspiration from some of the students who have gone before you. You got this!