Corporate Memberships:

Corporate Membership covers all employees of the company their spouses and children. The membership allows the employees to join the Grayson College Golf Course without paying the initiation fees. This covers the first time the employee joins. In the event the employee quits his/her membership after joining using the Corporate Membership, they must pay the initiation fee to rejoin. The Corporate membership is good for as long as the company is in business in Grayson County. The cost of the membership is $500.00.

Should the employee leave the employment of the Corporate Member, the employee may continue paying monthly dues and remain a member.

The $500.00 initiation fee will be waived if two yearly dues ($1140.00) are paid in advance. Yearly dues are $570.00 per person. Monthly dues are $47.50 for one person, $65.00 for two family members, or $70.00 for three or more family members.

Any further questions contact the Golf Shop at 786-9719.