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Tech Prep Student

What exactly is Tech Prep?

Tech Prep is an educational initiative (a program, if you will) that makes it possible for high school students to be awarded college credit for scholastic work they did in high school under a coherent sequence of articulated courses.

What high school classes can I receive credit for?

Technical classes that award at least one credit and which have been articulated (linked) with the college.

Are you saying that I may already be doing college-level work in high school without even knowing about it?


How many credit hours can Tech Prep award me?

According to current regulations, up to 16 hours of collegiate credit.

Does it cost me anything?

Not a cent. But remember, this is only for high school CTE courses which feed into a GC Associate of Applied Science degrees.

Am I required to be some kind of genius?

No, but you must have passed your high school Tech Prep classes with a final average of 80 or better.

After I graduate from high school, how long do I have to start my college courses?

In order to qualify for Tech Prep credit, you must enroll (within (1) year of HS graduation) at GC for at least (6) six hours.

When should I let the college know that I want to use the credit for an AAS degree?

Before registering, you should meet with an Advisor. Let the advisor know that you plan to use the Technical Credit for a Technical Degree.

When do I actually receive the credit?

College credit for high school Tech Prep courses will be granted after you have completed at least 6 hours of approved college course work at GC. Tech Prep's four (4) criteria to receive credit are:

  • Complete your high school classes for a specific program with a final average of 80 or above.
  • Enroll at Grayson College and within (1) year of high school graduation.
  • Declare a Major in a Tech Prep approved program (Associate of Applied Science).
  • Lastly, successfully complete six hours of approved college course work at Grayson College.
Tech Prep Student

Your Technical Credit will be placed on your GC transcript and may be used for the articulated course in the AAS degree.