Online Student, Christina Caylor

Christina Caylor - Online Student

Christina Caylor, a working mother of two, was looking for a way to complete her education goals and still preserve her quality of life. She accomplished that goal by taking online courses at Grayson College. Christina found that it was not as hard to juggle her schedule which included job, children, and school, and as an added benefit, she found that she has done even better in her online courses. Christina believes her success has helped her maintain a high GPA and has improved her chance to be accepted in the Grayson College Radiology program.

Christina discovered that her online experience was a little more personal for her because her online instructors focused "on her as an individual." A pleasant surprise was how students work with each other and help each other—they even formed their own lab groups and conducted their discussions over the Internet.

Christina is convinced that "both the quality of her life and the quality of her education has improved" through online courses.