ECashier has a plan for you

To help you meet your educational expenses, Grayson College is proud to offer ECashier as a convenient budget plan. This is not a loan program. You have no debt, there are no interest or finance charges assessed, and there is no credit check. The cost to budget your interest-free monthly payment plan is a $30 per semester nonrefundable ECashier Enrollment Fee. You may budget your tuition and fees in the following ways:

Down and full payment options

Down or full payments are deducted immediately from the account provided on the agreement. A separate $30 enrollment fee will be deducted at the same time. If the payment fails for any reason, the agreement is terminated and notification is sent to the person responsible for payment. A $2 nonrefundable ECashier Enrollment Fee will be assessed for full payments. Although payments are processed on the 5th, your payment may not be reflected in Campus Connect for up to 10 days due to banking cycles.