Herrera-Nicholl Memorial Scholarship

Title: Herrera-Nicholl Memorial Scholarship
Description: This fund, which provides tuition assistance at Grayson County College for graduates of Sherman High School who enroll in ESL classes at Grayson College, was established in December, 2003 by Rojelio Herrera and Mary Elizabeth Nicholl in memory of their fathers, Filomeno Herrera & George Roosevelt Nicholl, who were both denied an education but - despite all odds - were successful in their chosen fields. Contact Kathy Pearce, GC ESOL Instructor at SELECT 903) 463-8746 for more information or to request an application.
Eligibility: Graduate of Sherman High School; Enrolling in ESL classes at GC; Must be recommended by Kathy Pearce, ESL Instructor at GC
Value: $300 - Two Awards