Dan O'Dea Memorial Scholarship in Musical Arts

Title: Dan O'Dea Memorial Scholarship in Musical Arts
Description: Established by Mrs. Betty O'Dea in memory of her son, musician Dan O'Dea, to assist students who are dedicated to music, especially those proficient in piano, woodwinds and stringed instruments.
Eligibility: Full-Time music majors with preference given to students studying classical piano, woodwind or stringed instruments. Renewal of the scholarship (must re-apply - maximum 2 years); recipient must maintain a 3.0+ GPA; student performance/eligibility will be evaluated at the end of each semester.Requirements: A letter of recommendation from a high school principal, along with a brief explanation of why a scholarship is important to you and your educational career aspirations. Candidates will be selected by audition before a faculty committee of the GC Music Department. Student must perform, by memory, two selections from contrasting periods. *Auditions will be held annually in April and November, if necessary, for new applicants.
Value: $1000