Dual Credit Admissions & Testing


Steps to Admission (for High School Students):




1. Apply to Grayson College


  • Complete the Apply Texas profile and the 2-year community college application at www.applytexas.org
  • Submit proof of Meningitis Vaccination (if student will be required to attend class or other activities on campus)


2. High School Permission Form


  • Complete the Grayson College Dual Enrollment Permission Form and submit to your high school counselor. (Home schooled students submit form to Grayson Dual Enrollment Advisors.)


3. Take Placement / Assessment


4. Final Steps 


  • Pay tuition and fees (online or Business Office)
  • Obtain Student ID (Life Center)
  • Parking Permit (Online/Campus Police)
  • Bookstore (Life Center)
  • Attend classes!