How To Request A Transcript

* Some record holds can prevent you from obtaining your official GC transcript. If you are a current student, check Campus Connect in the MyPage Portal to determine if you have a hold before making a transcript request.


Request An Official Transcript  

Campus Connect Online Transcript Request

All recent students (with Grayson Portal usernames/passwords) should log into the Grayson Portal, click on Campus Connect v4, and acknowledge the message in red at the bottom of the page.  "Official Transcript Request" can be found under the "Account Info" section. Submit your request for an official transcript to be sent to your home or to another college. Review your demographic information and your correct home address.  Requests are handled within 24 hours.


Student Clearinghouse Online Transcript Request

All former and current students can visit to request a transcript. Submit your request for an official transcript for a $2.25 fee paid by major credit card. Requests are handled typically within 3 business days. Some record holds can prevent you from obtaining your official GC transcript. You will be notified by Email if you have any holds. Please monitor your Email account for updates on your request.


Walk Up Request

You may come to the Office of Admissions and Records on the main campus. The South Campus is also able to print transcripts. Request an official transcript by coming to the Admissions and Records office, filling out a request form and showing a photo ID with a full name. Due to federal privacy laws, we can only release the transcript directly to the student, unless we have a signed release form on file allowing us to release records to parents/others. When you pick up your transcript, you will also be required to show your ID.


Request An Unofficial Transcript

To view your unofficial transcript, please visit the Campus Connect page on the Academics tab of the GC Portal, and click the "Unofficial Transcript" link in the Campus Connect Student Links box (you will need to login before you are allowed to see the Campus Connect links). 

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