Activities & Events



 Activities and events are scheduled daily, weekly and monthly throughout the fall and spring semesters (main and south campus). Contact the Office of Student Life at 903-463-8693, email Gregg Miles or visit the Events Calendar on the Grayson homepage to obtain current and detailed information. Events/activities are subject to change without notice and may vary in frequency and theme from one campus to another.


Special Events

Special programming is planned for those students who live in Viking and Jensen residence halls. Contact the residence hall supervisor for a list of events.


  • Student Life Welcome BBQ and Picnic (August and January)
  • Hall-O-Fest (October)
  • First Friday Connection (September-May) Employees only
  • First Thursday Connnection (September-May) South campus employees only
  • Student/Employee Wellness Fair (October and February)
  • Late Night Student Breakfasts (First Monday or Tuesday of finals week, December and May)
  • Late Night Student Food Frenzies (scheduled randomly throughout the fall and spring semesters)
  • Sweet Treats Stop (First Wednesday of each month) September-May
  • Karaoke (September, November, February and April)
  • Movie or Special Sporting Event Night (seasonal)
  • D Night at Club G (Grayson) (monthly, fall and spring semesters)
  • Student Leadership Forum (monthly)
  • And much more